SnoreLab uses sound-wave analysis to record, measure and track your snoring.

After each night of use SnoreLab calculates a Snore Score for the night: SnoreLab’s unique measure of snoring intensity. The Snore Score is a means of comparing snoring across nights, allowing you test the effectiveness of snoring remedies and measure the impact of special factors such as alcohol on your snoring.

Every week 10,000’s of people use SnoreLab to record, measure and track their snoring and to discover solutions to their snoring problem. See SnoreLab Success Stories.

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SnoreLab has an average rating of 4.7 stars from more than 500 user reviews. This is a selection of some of our favourites:

Very informative ★★★★★ by All ears!

Excellent app, it gave me a very good insight into how bad my snoring was. This helped me to reduce my snoring, by applying some of the remedies listed. My wife and I thank you, especially my Wife!

Five Stars! ★★★★★  by JulieG in NC

Great app for analyzing your snore patterns. Going to share with my doctor and have encouraged my family and friends to download. Great job!!

Great informational tool! ★★★★★ by ally1970

I’m really glad I started using this app. For one thing, it made me realize that using a breathing strip while I sleep is extremely effective. I also plan to test out other theories with the help of this app, like taking sinus meds at bedtime. Anything to make me snore less!

Works great! ★★★★★ by johncdali

Take it from an MD… This program works and is a very useful tool to share with your doctor.

Snore tastic! ★★★★★ by Elle Paige

This must be one of the best apps out there. Totally brilliant and so simple to use. It’s very odd hearing yourself …and what others hear…but cannot recommend this app enough. A million gold stars!!

Great app! ★★★★★ by ApisRegina

This app is wonderful in that not only does it work, but its ease of use. This is a simple, effective tool to better health.

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SnoreLab is partnering with leading providers of snoring remedies who offer high quality products with excellent clinical support.

ZQuiet is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that can deliver outstanding results for a low price. ZQuiet is a flexible, lightweight mouthpiece that advances your jaw by a few millimetres to reduce blockage of the airways. Research by SnoreLab suggests that ZQuiet substantially reduces or eliminates snoring for more than 70% of users who try it… and you can try it for just $9.95 for 30 days!

ZQuiet’s standard package now includes 2 mouthpieces each with a different level of jaw advancement… a more comfortable option for milder snorers and a stronger version for more severe snorers. You can use the SnoreLab app to determine which size is right for you!

Try ZQuiet for just $9.95


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