The Snoring Management App


What is the Snore Score?

The Snore Score is SnoreLab’s unique measure of snoring intensity used to compare snoring across nights and between people. Essentially, it is a function of the volume and duration of your snoring. The average user scores around 30, whilst a score more than 100 puts you in the worst 15% of snorers. We will be providing more guidance on how your Snore Score compares with other SnoreLab users in forthcoming updates.

Is it necessary to place the device face-down?

Placing the device face down dims or switches off the screen of your device so that the backlight doesn’t disturb your sleep and to conserve battery life if the device is unplugged. Placing the device face down is not necessary for the app to work. You can also lock the device (see below).

Should I lock the device when the app is running?

SnoreLab can run successfully with the device locked but there are some potential performance implications, namely that it can make it harder for the audio monitoring to resume if it is interrupted (for example, by a phone call). However, locking the device does significantly reduce battery usage. If you run the app with the device unplugged, it will automatically lock after 90 mins of monitoring to conserve battery life. If you lock the device or have have the device unplugged it is best to first activate ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to limit the potential for interruptions (the moon icon in the iOS control centre).

The app detects less snoring than it should

This can occur if their is significant noise interference in the room, such as air conditioning or a fan. SnoreLab works most effectively in a quiet environment, although it can tolerate some background noise and interferences.

The app isn’t working correctly

Please ensure that you have the latest version of the app installed by checking for updates in the App Store. If you continue to experience problems that are not explained in these FAQs, please get in touch with us so we can investigate the problem.

Does the app collect any data?

In common with the majority of apps and websites, SnoreLab does transmit anonymous usage data that allows us to see how the app is being used, helping us to identify and fix issues, develop new features, and ultimately to create a better product for you, our users. The data we collect is truly anonymous: there is nothing that can identify an individual or a specific device (in fact, Apple has locked developers out of accessing sensitive personal data). Sound recordings are stored exclusively on your device and are not transmitted. Apps can collect anonymous usage data under the terms of Apple’s End User Licence Agreement, the acceptance of which is a condition for downloading apps. If you are uncomfortable with SnoreLab transmitting anonymous usage data you can activate Airplane mode to prevent this.

Can you add a snore alarm?

Some users have requested that we add a snore alarm that makes a sound when it detects snoring, promoting you to change position. We are concerned that this will be annoying. However, we have our eye on Apple releasing an iWatch which could provide some interesting possibilities here….

What if there is more than 1 loud snorer in the bed?

Unfortunately, the snoring detection algorithm isn’t able to distinguish 1 snorer from another… The only way to be sure you are only capturing one snorer only is to only have one snorer in the room!

Why can’t I change the sensitivity settings?

One of the key design goals for SnoreLab was to create an app that ‘just worked’ with no calibration needed. SnoreLab has been carefully calibrated to work in the bedroom environment when positioned as specified.

Giving users freedom to alter the sensitivity would be hazardous; creating the possibility that people might get it wrong and get nonsense results. Additionally, SnoreLab has been designed to allow users to compare their snoring between nights. However, this can’t be done if users are allowed to change the sensitivity. After all, how can you compare night A to night B if they were run with different settings?

If you feel that the readings you are getting are not realistic, please get in touch with us using the support form.

The sound samples are quiet, what can I do?

Try increasing the speaker volume using the volume controls on the side of your iDevice. We don’t apply too much gain to the recordings to keep them natural.

I have another question!

If you have another question, or if you experience anything less than 100% satisfaction with SnoreLab please contact us. We are determined to make SnoreLab the best snoring analysis app and value feedback from our users.


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