If you feel that breathing through your nose isn’t smooth or that you nasal passages are obstructed your snoring could be being caused by an allergy.

The likeliest cause of your allergy is dust.

Dust gathers in household environments due to flaking skin… and with dust comes dust mites. Invisible to the naked eye, these tiny arachnids feast on your organic skin waste and defecate enzymes which are one of the major causes of allergic symptoms in humans.

If you are susceptible to these allergens, breathing through your nose may become difficult and this can cause you to snore.

This snoring can manifest in two ways:

1) Nasal breathing may become noisy, causing wheezing, rumbling or whilstling sounds

2) Your nose may become so blocked that you are forced to breathe through your mouth, causing the incoming air to noisily collide with your soft palate.

Another sign that you have a dust allergy is if you discover that you snore less when you sleep away from your usual bedroom, for example in a hotel. Whenever you are in a different bedroom, record and measure your snoring with the SnoreLab app to see and hear the difference the environment makes.

If you suspect that your snoring is being caused by a dust allergy, the best solution is to clean… clean… clean!

Clear out the contents of your bedroom, including all those forgotten things lingering under your bed, and vacuum on max! Move aside your bedroom furniture to find all the dust that has gathered around them, and in all those forgotton corners of your room, and suck it all up. Declare war on dust! You may be amazed by the amount of dust that you discover.

There may also be dust mites living in your bedding, for example in your pillows and duvet. Check out their washing instructions and wash them in whatever way you can! You can also try vaccuming your mattress, flipping it over, and using a mattress protector. You can also treat yourself to a new set of bedding.

Once your room is clean, you may be amazed by the difference it makes. You may find that your snoring  is completely eliminated, your sleep quality will be vastly improved, and your spouse will be very happy indeed!


Try using a Neti Pot to rinse your nasal passages with saline water before you go to bed. This little known snoring remedy is a highly effective method of cleansing your nose of congestion and allergens. This can dramatically improve the quality of your breathing and give you a better (and quieter) night’s sleep.