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SnoreRx Mouthpiece Review


SnoreRx is regarded as one of the most effective medical grade appliances for treating snoring. The custom moulded mouthpiece works by a proven method to maintain an open airway whilst you sleep, eliminating the vibrations that cause snoring.

One of our first encounters with SnoreRx came when a SnoreLab user mentioned the product in this 5-star App Store review:

If you snore, think you snore or are positive that you don’t snore … get this app! For me, the app proved to me that I did snore. The problem was how to fix it.

I started with nasal strips and nasal sprays. The app proved that these remedies had no effect. So I decided to buy a snore guard (SnoreRx) and voila… No snoring!

How do I know? This app records you all night long, graphs snoring episodes and gives you a Snore Score.

Before the device, my Snore Score was between 15 and 45. Since the device, my scores are 1 to 3! I’m also starting to feel refreshed in the morning.

This was a genuine, unsolicited user testimonial for SnoreRx, and reading it brought us great happiness to hear how our app combined with this remarkable anti-snoring device had produced life-changing results for this user.

SnoreLab has monitored millions of nights of sleep and we can attest that anti-snoring mouthpieces are indeed the most effective category of snoring remedy for the majority of snorers. What’s more, of the many anti-snoring devices we have evaluated we rate SnoreRx as probably the best quality consumer grade device on the market.

SnoreRx works by holding the lower jaw slightly forward to prevent blockage of the airways, an approach that has proven to be highly effective at reducing snoring for the majority of individuals and also for relieving mild obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

SnoreRx has many features that make it a superior option to other devices available online: it moulds to the shape of your jaw; it is made of medical-grade materials; and it can can be adjusted in small increments to provide the optimal amount of relief for your snoring.

We like the device so much… and we want YOU to try it so much… that we have teamed up with SnoreRx to bring you an exclusive 35% discount. To access this offer simply apply the coupon code SNORELAB at checkout or buy directly through this link.

With our discount you can buy this dentist grade medical device for less than $90, and if you are not completely satisfied with your results you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. What’s more, you can use the SnoreLab app to observe directly how effective it is for you… just like the user above!

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