ZQuiet is probably the most successful anti-snoring mouthpiece company in America. Their TV advertising campaigns, 30 day free-trial offer, and memorable slogan “pop it in in and the noise is gone”, has led to great commercial success.

But does it really work?

The SnoreLab app for iOS is used by thousands of users to record and measure their snoring and to test if anti-snoring products really do live up to their claims. To date, the app has monitored more than 4 million nights of sleep, providing unique insights into the anti-snoring products that really work… and the ones that don’t.

As the developer, we collect a summary of our users results on a strictly anonymous basis so that we can provide our users with insights into to the best anti-snoring products to try.

And in the case of ZQuiet… the product really does work very well.

To summarise our findings, more than 70% of SnoreLab users who tried ZQuiet experienced a significant reduction in their snoring intensity, with a significant proportion of these discovering that their snoring was almost entirely cured.

These results place ZQuiet amongst the very best consumer anti-snoring devices tracked by SnoreLab.

What was also notable was the ZQuiet achieved better results than the generic ‘mouthpiece’ remedy option in the app (a catch-all option for other brands of mouthpiece not named in the app). Compared to the generic mouthpiece option, ZQuiet worked for a higher proportion of users and achieved, on average, greater reductions in snoring intensity.

On top of these excellent results, ZQuiet is one of the best-value anti-snoring packages available on the market. They let you try it for free for 30 days (with a $9.95 postage charge) and even provide you with two mouthpieces in the package to try, a milder version and a stronger version. You can use the SnoreLab app to determine which strength is better for you.

SnoreLab whole-heartedly endorses ZQuiet as one of the most effective and best-value consumer anti-snoring products available.

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About the product

ZQuiet is a hinged anti-snoring mouthpiece, made of medical-grade plastic (FDA approved), that is designed to advance the lower jaw by a few millimeters to prevent the base of the tongue blocking the airway, which is the most common cause of snoring.

The device looks very simple, but once you try it for yourself you discover that it has many effective and intelligent design features.

It’s thin… it’s lightweight… it’s flexible…. and it’s springy.

The device’s “springiness” helps stop it from falling out whilst you sleep, maintaining its effectiveness throughout the night. You can open your mouth whilst wearing the device. You can breathe naturally. You can even take a drink of water.

ZQuiet owns a patent on this hinged design (they call it “the living hinge”) and it is the key feature that sets it apart from its competitors.

In comparison, competing consumer “boil and bite” devices are often rigid, bulky and can make make mouth breathing difficult. Unlike boil-and-bite mouthpieces, ZQuiet doesn’t require any moulding. It is designed to fit the majority of mouthes and it is ready to use right out the box. You do indeed just “pop it in”.

ZQuiet now bundles together two different sizes (included in the price) each providing a different level of jaw advancement. Size A provides a more comfortable option for milder snorers who only require a small level of jaw advancement, whilst Size B provides a more effective option for more severe snorers with a larger level of jaw advancement. If you and your partner both snore, you can even use one each! Using the SnoreLab app can be an excellent way of discovering which size is best for you.

How it works

ZQuiet is a “mandibular-advancement splint”, which is one the most effective categories of anti-snoring device. Mandibular advancement splints work by advancing the lower jaw by a few millimeters to reduce blockage of the airway, enabling clear and quiet breathing.

Mandibular-advancement splints like ZQuiet are also an effective treatment for mild obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that can cause excessive daytime sleepiness. You may well discover that after sleeping with ZQuiet you feel much more awake and refreshed the next day.

Categories of people most likely to benefit from ZQuiet (note, only one of these needs to apply to you!):

● You snore more when lying on your back
● Your neck circumference is greater than 16”
● You may experience some daytime tiredness
● You have a small or weak lower jaw
● You tend to snore more after drinking alcohol

ZQuiet Effectiveness

We examined data from a group of SnoreLab users who tried using the device.

● ZQuiet was effective at significantly reducing snoring for 70% of people who tried it.
● For more than half of those people, snoring was effectively eliminated.
● The average reduction in snoring intensity (as measured by the SnoreLab Snore Score) was 70%.

We observed that the device effectiveness was greatest amongst moderate snorers, as defined by a SnoreLab “Snore Score” between 20 and 100, although there were striking success stories with Scores as high as 117. Anyone with a score higher than 100 should definitely get themselves screened for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, as they frequently require a stronger treatment: CPAP.

These were outstanding results for such a low-cost device, and proved that ZQuiet is indeed a very effective snoring remedy for many people.

Value for Money

You can try ZQuiet for free for 30 days for just $9.95 in shipping and handling. After the 30-day trial period, you will be charged an additional $79.95, unless you return the device.

For such a low-cost device, ZQuiet can be an incredibly effective remedy for snoring caused by obstruction of the lower airway. I was amazed to observe how effectively this simple, low-cost device works for so many SnoreLab users, eliminating snoring for 40% of people who tried it and working very effectively for many more.

ZQuiet is probably the best value package on the market, even more so now that they bundle together 2 different size mouthpieces, ensuring effectiveness and comfort for a wider range of users. You might even manage to cure snoring for both you and your partner!

It’s a tiny price to pay for improved sleep, better health and a happier partner.

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