Good Morning Snore Solution Review

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Good Morning Snore Solution Review

The Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) is a revolutionary anti-snoring device that targets the most common cause of snoring: your tongue.

If you are overweight or sleep with an open mouth, your tongue might be causing you to snore as it falls back into your airway.

The Good Morning Snore Solution sucks onto the end of your tongue, pulling it forward to clear the airways and stop snoring.

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What is the Good Morning Snore Solution?

The Good Morning Snore Solution is a tongue retainer, or to give it its full name, a tongue stabilizing device. This mouthpiece is like an inverted pacifier for a baby.

Just as a pacifier can make a baby sleep quietly, clinical trials and SnoreLab’s own tests have shown that the Good Morning Snore Solution can give you quiet nights too.

By squeezing the tip of the mouthpiece, you create a vacuum that pulls your tongue forward. The outer edges of the device rest in front of your teeth and gums, keeping everything in place. Once fitted correctly, your tongue will sit in between your teeth, crucially, away from the back of your throat.

Stop snoring

Evidence for the Good Morning Snore Solution

The clinically proven Good Morning Snore Solution is backed up by hard science. Research conducted at the University of Calgary showed that the users of the Good Morning Snore Solution had a significant reduction in respiratory disturbance and snoring.

As a testament to the comfort of the device compared to others, 70% of users said in this study said they would continue using the Good Morning Snore Solution [1].

At SnoreLab, we have done some tests of our own. We have tracked the results from users who have selected the Good Morning Snore Solution as a snoring remedy. The results have been very impressive:

  • The average reduction in snoring intensity (Snore Score) amongst overweight users was the greatest of any consumer remedy that we track.
  • We noticed that on average, snoring intensity was reduced more than with mandibular advancement devices, which work by moving the jaw forward.
  • More than two thirds of overweight users who tried the Good Morning Snore Solution got good results.

“It has transformed my life, and my partners life! I can’t tell you how fantastic it is. From an initial Snore Score rating of anywhere up to 98, with 50% of my time spent snoring (most of it epic), this has instantly gone down, to anywhere between 9 to 15 on the snore score and at its highest 13% time spent snoring.”

Check out charts of this SnoreLab user who contacted us on Twitter. The chart on right shows his snoring before he used the device. With the addition of the Good Morning Snore Solution one night later, the chart on the left shows his snoring had been completely eliminated.

Why use the Good Morning Snore Solution instead of other mouthpieces?

Lots of anti-snoring devices work well for many people. So why should you try the Good Morning Snore Solution? We believe this device has some stand-out features that make it one of the most effective snoring remedies available:

Fits everyone

This device doesn’t require any adjustment and readjustment. You can wear it straight away, fitting perfectly for most people with minimal effort. This universal fit is a great alternative to custom fitted mouthpieces which can cost much more money.


The alternatives to tongue retainers are mandibular advancement devices which can sometimes cause lower jaw pain, discomfort or even bite misalignment. The Good Moring Snore Solution uses soft, flexible material that is comfortable and gently moves the tongue to stop snoring.

Proven to be effective

Clinical trials have shown objective benefits to using this mouthpiece, with significant reduction in snoring and respiratory disturbance compared to a control device [1].

Can be worn with dentures

Because the Good Morning Snore Solution works on only your tongue, wearing dentures doesn’t affect its function. Other mouthpieces that fit on the teeth are unsuitable for denture wearers.

Quality materials

This mouthpiece uses dental plastic resin used in many dental-grade products. This means with proper cleaning, the Good Morning Snore Solution lasts for about one year. Importantly the device is reassuringly safe to use, being BPA free and FDA approved.

30-day satisfaction guarantee

Good Morning Snore Solution comes with a no-risk return policy. So if you aren’t completely satisfied after 30 days, you can return it for a full refund.

Who is this device suitable for?

Many people can benefit from using the Good Morning Snore solution:

Overweight people (BMI 25-30)

Excess fat around the neck can lead to compression of the throat which can bring on snoring. Holding your tongue forward can mitigate this, opening your airways and reducing snoring.

Nighttime mouth breathers

If you can easily breathe through your nose but still wake up with a dry mouth or sore throat, it’s because you have been mouth-breathing in your sleep. This is known to aggravate snoring. The Good Morning Snore Solution encourages healthier and quieter nasal-breathing.

If you have consumed alcohol

Alcohol relaxes the muscles in your mouth and your airways which can massively increase tongue and mouth-based snoring. Holding your tongue forward with this device stops this heightened relaxation obstructing your airway.

Mild to moderate sleep apnea sufferers

This mouthpiece has shown to be effective for people who suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea, a great alternative consumer remedy for people who struggle with CPAP.

Who is the device NOT suitable for?

Snoring solutions are only effective if they are suitable for you. There are types of snorers for whom we don’t recommend the Good Morning Snore Solution:

People with a blocked nose

Using this device encourages nasal breathing. Because the device will block breathing through the mouth it is not suitable if you cannot breathe effectively through your nose.

Severe sleep apnea sufferers

Severe sleep apnea, where you experience more than 30 apneic episodes per night, is most effectively treated with CPAP. There is less evidence to support the effectiveness of mouthpieces for this group of snorers.


There are many snorers who can benefit from using the Good Morning Snore Solution, which we believe is one of the most effective consumer anti-snoring devices available.

If you, like many, find that you snore due to your weight or sleeping with an open mouth, the Good Morning Snore Solution can be a very effective solution. With a 30-day money back guarantee, why not see if you too can pacify your snoring?

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