Dortz Snore Stopper Nasal Dilator Set

The simple and effective way to help snoring caused by a blocked nose
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Is a chronically blocked nose making you snore?

Internal nasal dilators improve air flow through your nose and can be ideal for:

  • People with chronic sinus and nasal congestion
  • Those with a deviated septum or nasal polyps
  • People with small nostrils
  • Pregnant snorers

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“Very impressed. I love the fact I don’t have to hit, kick, poke or smother my husband throughout the night anymore. That alone should be advertisement enough to buy these little gems!”

“I love that it has several different sizes so you get the correct fit and that they’re reusable as well. I had my doubts but they actually DO work!”

Internal nasal dilators are a cheap and effective way to open a congested nose. They are non-medicated so have no nasty side effects and can be used by anyone. They provide instantaneous relief, are non-invasive and don’t become less effective with prolonged use.

Two different types – this set contains dilators with harder plastic material and softer material to suit different noses and different preferences.

Four different sizes – get the perfect fit by choosing one of four sizes designed to fit all noses.

High quality materials – FDA approved and BPA free, sleep in the knowledge that these dilators are odor-free and safe.

Storage case – keep dilators safe and clean in the handy storage case which is perfect for travel.

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