Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The Snore Score is SnoreLab’s unique measure of snoring intensity used to compare snoring across nights and between people. Essentially, it is a function of the volume and duration of your snoring. The average user scores around 20, whilst a score more than 100 puts you in the worst 15% of snorers.

SnoreLab estimates the volume of your snoring and groups snoring episodes as “Light”, “Loud” or “Epic” snoring

This can occur if their is significant noise interference in the room, such as air conditioning or a fan. SnoreLab works most effectively in a quiet environment, although it can tolerate some background noise and interferences.

Please ensure that you have the latest version of the app installed by checking for updates in the App Store. If you continue to experience problems that are not explained in these FAQs, please get in touch with us so we can investigate the problem.

Some users have requested that we add an alarm that makes a sound or vibration when it detects snoring, promoting you to change position.

We are considering adding this feature but believe that other approaches to reducing your snoring are likely to be more effective… and less disruptive to your sleep.

Unfortunately, the snoring detection algorithm isn’t able to distinguish 1 snorer from another… The only way to be sure you are only capturing one snorer only is to only have one snorer in the room!

One of the key design goals for SnoreLab was to create an app that ‘just worked’ with no calibration needed. SnoreLab has been carefully calibrated to work in the bedroom environment when positioned as specified.

Giving users freedom to alter the sensitivity would be hazardous; creating the possibility that people might get it wrong and get nonsense results. Additionally, SnoreLab has been designed to allow users to compare their snoring between nights. However, this can’t be done if users are allowed to change the sensitivity. After all, how can you compare night A to night B if they were run with different settings?

If you feel that the readings you are getting are not realistic, please get in touch with us using the support form.

We are developing full cross platform backup and sync capabilities which will be live in late 2018.

Currently, the best way to transfer your data is by doing a device backup and restore when you get your new device.

Free and Premium Versions

The app is free to download and use but some features require a premium upgrade to access. There are also some usage limitations in the free version.

If you install the app on a new device and it doesn’t detect that you previously purchased it, please use the ‘restore purchase’ option on the upgrade page to unlock the app.

Note that you can only restore a purchase made on the same platform (iOS or Android).

It is not currently possible to transfer a premium SnoreLab license between iOS and Android because your purchase details are linked to an iTunes or Google Play id.

You can use your license on multiple devices on the same platform linked to the same id.

If you have another question, or if you experience anything less than 100% satisfaction with SnoreLab please contact us. We are determined to make SnoreLab the best snoring analysis app and value feedback from our users.


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