Neti Pot Starter Kit

Saline wash kit that removes pollen, dust and excess mucus to clear your nasal passages and reduce snoring
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Is a blocked nose causing your snoring?

Neti pots can be a great way to clear your congested nasal passages caused by:

  • Dust, pollen and pet dander allergies
  • Seasonal colds
  • Poor air quality caused by pollution or tobacco smoke

Remember to select your SnoreLab remedies and factors:

Users’ reviews of Himalayan Chandra Neti Pot:

“A must-have for anyone who is perpetually stuffed throughout the year and deals with snoring.”

“This neti pot is awesome. My wife snores like a saw mill. Her snoring has been reduced by 80%. It’s a top-notch product and worth every penny. I now sleep very well.”

Flushing your nasal passages with a neti pot helps to sooth inflamed tissue as well as removing allergens and clearing excess mucus. This starter kit contains everything you need to get started:

Ceramic neti pot – smooth design makes for easy cleaning as bacteria have nowhere to hide. Shape also allows for optimal flow.

10-ounce salt jar with measuring spoon – uses the highest purity salt commercially available with no additives or caking agents.

Herbal wash – herbal extracts and essential oils help to decongest and moisturize the nasal passages.