Information on Affiliate Links

At SnoreLab, we publish a selection of reviews of anti-snoring products. We handpick the products we review, write truthfully and do not promote items we don’t believe in.

Occasionally, SnoreLab will receive a small commission when a reader clicks on a product link that we have featured and purchases that product. This is called an affiliate link, a means by which a company can trace the purchase back to us at SnoreLab, for which we are sometimes compensated.

We make it clear on our product reviews if we have affiliate links with that company. We also want to make it known that none of this comes at a cost to you, the consumer. In fact, often, our partnerships with anti-snoring companies enable us to provide coupons and discount codes, a list of which can be found in SnoreLab’s Discounts and Coupons page.

SnoreLab doesn’t use any sponsored content. All of what you read on SnoreLab’s website comes from us.

If you have any questions regarding affiliate links or product reviews on SnoreLab’s website or app, please contact us via