Levoit HEPA Air Purifier

Compact, efficient and safe; this air purifier tackles snoring triggered by allergies and poor air quality
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Is a stuffy nose making you snore?

Air purifiers can reduce snoring triggered by reactions to airborne particles. We recommend them for:

  • Dust allergy sufferers
  • People with hay fever
  • Pet owners
  • Polluted environments
  • Households with smokers

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“I suffer terribly from seasonal allergies. I keep one of these units in my bedroom. Now, I can sleep all night without any breathing problems waking me up.”

“My husband snores much, much less since we started using this purifier. Very high quality and effective!”

This device boasts some great features that makes it SnoreLab’s top pick when it comes to purifying the air you breathe for a quieter night.

3 filters – Levoit uses a combination of a fine preliminary filter, a true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter for enhanced filtration.

Highly effective filtration – complies with US Department of Energy standards by removing 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger from the air, including dust mites, pollen, bacteria, smoke, mold and other environmental pollutants.

Small and portable – at 14.5 inches tall and weighing only 6.3 pounds, this device is small enough to be placed on top of furniture and moved around the home to suit your needs.

Multi-directional – the circular design uses fans to attract polluted air from 360° for more efficient purification.

Easy to use – set up and notice the difference straight away with 3 speed settings and 5 simple buttons.