We are seeking talented people to join our team.

We are small team who are passionate about creating a best in class product to help the world’s snorers (and their partners!) improve their sleep. We are located in London, UK.

At this time we are seeking:

iOS Developer

Android Developer


    About SnoreLab

    SnoreLab is the leading snoring analysis app for iPhone and Android, with millions of downloads and outstanding user reviews. It is one of the leading apps in the iPhone medical category in several countries.

    SnoreLab uses sophisticated algorithms to detect, record and measure snoring, allowing users to understand the severity of their snoring problem and to find ways to improve it. SnoreLab plans to grow on its position as the leading smartphone app for snorers through developing partnerships with leading companies in the medical device industry.

    SnoreLab was created by Jules Goldberg in 2012 after his wife complained about his snoring. SnoreLab is owned and published by Reviva Softworks Ltd, an independent app developer dedicated to developing high quality smartphone apps in the medical category.

    The company is located in London, UK.

    SnoreLab is a registered trade-mark.