Senner SleepPro Earplugs

Block out snoring but still hear your alarm with these soft, comfortable sleep-specific earplugs
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Do you share a bed with a loud snorer?

Earplugs are a quick fix for the bed partner of a snorer. The Senner SleepPro earplugs are specifically designed for sleep:

  • Soft material so you can comfortably lie on your side
  • Blocks out sounds you don’t want to hear whilst allowing you to hear your alarm
  • Durable and reusable
  • Hypoallergenic and practically invisible
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What users say about SleepPro Earplugs:

“I got these because of the noise I sleep next to. After trying various other foam earplugs that were uncomfortable to sleep with, I gave these a whirl and boy do they work! They are comfortable and unobtrusive and I can still hear my alarm clock, and most importantly, I can’t the wife snoring. Plus, I am no longer filling the world with single-use earplugs which cannot be recycled.

“Great for sleeping beside my snoring hubby. They never fail and don’t make my ears sore.”

Whilst we at SnoreLab like our users to address the root causes of their snoring, blocking out the sound in the meantime is still a good idea for the non-snorer in the bed.

Generic foam earplugs muffle all sounds, making you likely to sleep through an alarm. Additionally, they don’t last, meaning you end up buying more and adding to landfill.

The SleepPro Earplugs are ideal for sleep and suitable for prolonged use.