Smart Nora

The comfortable, non-invasive, smart snoring solution that gently moves your head when it detects snoring
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Highly effective, non-invasive, smart snoring solution

Smart Nora prevents snoring unlike any other remedy showing impressive results for:

  • Back, front and side sleepers
  • Open or closed mouth breathers
  • People who don’t tolerate mouthpieces
  • The snorer who has tried everything else

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SnoreLab user reviews of Smart Nora:

“This product is amazing, it really works to cut snoring. I think I am one of those people who almost broke the scale on your app with my snoring. Several times, my scores were off the charts compared to other users, but with Smart Nora, they dropped off incredibly!”

“My Snore Score was averaging in the mid-60s for four months straight. After using Smart Nora, I now average a Snore Score of 16. Highly recommended!”

Simply slot the expander under your pillow and fall asleep. Nora’s pebble listens for your snoring throughout the night and tells the expander when to inflate – gently stimulating your airways to nip snoring in the bud!

Suitable for every type of snorer – Smart Nora’s unique approach is suitable for back, front and side sleepers, mouth or nose breathers, and all ages, weights and lifestyles.

Comfortable and non-invasive – sleep comfortably and naturally with the contact-free system that uses no buckles or straps.

Can fit in any room with any pillow – Smart Nora’s sleek design looks at home in any bedroom and can be used with your favorite pillow without compromising performance.

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