Explore the art of getting good sleep


Explore the art of getting good sleep

What Happens in a Sleep Study?

In this guide to sleep studies, we explore what a sleep study does, how to get a sleep study, which type of sleep study is best for you, what to expect at a sleep lab, what to expect with a home study, what your results mean and what happens after…

The Architecture of Sleep

If you have ever been suddenly woken up, deep into the night, you’ll know it’s a very disorientating experience. When you wake up naturally, you rouse gently in a less confused state. This is because in these separate instances you have woken up in…

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Why Good Sleep is Important

The partner of a chronic snorer loses over an hour of sleep every night. Good sleep can be hard to come by for all parties in a bedroom polluted with snoring, particularly if snoring transitions to sleep apnea. But why does this matter? Sleep can…

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Body Clock: Sleep, Light and Melatonin

Have you ever wondered why you feel sleepy at night and awake in the day? This daily fluctuation is your natural body clock working correctly. Our feelings of sleepiness or wakefulness are dictated by light and what it does to our brains. Our eyes…