Smart Nora Review

Smart Nora is a revolutionary snoring solution: a smart, non-invasive anti-snoring device that can have great results for every type of snorer.

Whatever causes your snoring, Smart Nora can help. Whether you sleep on your back, side or front, breathe through your mouth or nose, are obese or normal weight, Smart Nora’s unique anti-snoring approach can help you.

This advanced, different and fantastically comfortable snoring solution is entirely contact-free. The intelligent system detects your snoring and moves under your pillow to gently stimulate your airways and nip snoring in the bud!

At $359, Smart Nora isn’t the cheapest snoring solution, but it may be the last one you buy. SnoreLab has teamed up with Smart Nora to get you $20 off your purchase with the code SLN20.

Additionally, if after trying Smart Nora you feel it isn’t right for you, simply return it within 30 days under the 30-night money-back guarantee.

What is Smart Nora?

Smart Nora consists of three parts:

  1. Expander – an inflatable insert that slots underneath your ordinary pillow
  2. Pump
  3. Pebble – the smart bedside unit that carefully listens for snoring

If you had to categorize it, Smart Nora falls into the pillow category of snoring remedies. But the Smart Nora system isn’t actually a pillow. Instead, it manipulates your current pillow, gently moving your head when it detects snoring.

With Smart Nora, you needn’t change your current pillow. You certainly don’t have to change the way you sleep either. Unlike many pillow-based solutions, Smart Nora doesn’t coax you into a new sleeping position. Smart Nora works for back, side and front sleepers alike, meaning no lengthy training phase.

We received an email from a SnoreLab user who showed us the dramatic changes Smart Nora had made to their snoring:

“This product is amazing, it really works to cut snoring. I guarantee that I have sleep apnea. In-fact, I think I am one of those people who almost broke the scale on your app with my snoring. Several times, my scores were off the charts compared to other users, but with Smart Nora, they dropped off incredibly.”

Other users reported similar results when using Smart Nora, some cutting their Snore Score by 75%:

“I use SnoreLab to track my snoring and on average, my Snore Score was in the mid-sixties for four months straight.  After getting and using Smart Nora I now average sixteen. Highly recommended!”

How Smart Nora Works

When you snore, Smart Nora gently moves your head to stop your snoring before it becomes loud enough to wake your partner:

  1. The pebble – the brain of the Smart Nora system – detects snoring and remotely sends this information to the expander.
  2. The silent pump inflates the expander under your pillow.
  3. The expander gently moves your head to stop snoring.

This system works on your relaxed airway. A snore is the sound of your airway vibrating because it has narrowed and air cannot pass freely. Your airway narrows when the muscles in your head and neck relax, a perfectly normal thing that happens to everyone when they fall asleep.

By gently moving your head, Smart Nora brings back some muscular structure to your airway, briefly reducing the amount that it has relaxed, now allowing air to flow freely.

Smart Nora is suitable for all snorers as it uniquely addresses snoring’s fundamentals. Whether you are a tongue, nose or mouth snorer, sleep on your back or side, have allergies or a cold, Smart Nora doesn’t discriminate.

Smart Nora is different to other anti-snoring devices

It is ideal for the snorer who has tried everything

What if you don’t know why you snore? What if you feel like you have gone through every remedy available and nothing works? Many effective snoring solutions are available, but they usually address only one type of snoring and snorer.

There are many causes of snoring. Identifying your cause can be a complicated task, particularly if you snore for many reasons.

Unlike any other anti-snoring device available, Smart Nora tackles snoring’s common denominator: your relaxed airway. This innovative new approach represents a sea-change in anti-snoring technology.

It doesn’t wake you or your partner

Smart Nora only activates when it detects snoring, but this is no snore alarm. Snore alarms do just that, they alarm you! Constantly waking up throughout the night is hardly conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Smart Nora isn’t designed to wake you up. Its movements are noticed by your airway muscles without being consciously noticed by you.

Further, the device doesn’t wait for a full-blown, window-rattling snore before it kicks in. Instead, the system activates just as snoring begins, stopping you from reaching the volume that wakes your partner and causes fights in the morning.

It is comfortable and non-invasive

Because Smart Nora is comfortable and non-invasive, it is a much easier snoring remedy to stick with. Snoring remedies only work when used, and therein lies the problem – adherence. People often stop using conventional remedies because they are too uncomfortable and can’t get used to them.

Sleep is a time of rest and recuperation. The last thing you feel like doing is applying something complicated and uncomfortable. With Smart Nora, you needn’t do so. Comfortable, non-invasive remedies like Smart Nora are the answer, where the time before and during sleep feels no different to normal. The difference comes in the morning when you feel more rested.


With Smart Nora, you can go to bed as you would do normally: with your own pillow and a merciful lack of straps and buckles or things that pull, push, suck and blow.

Simply place the detector pebble next to your bed, slot the expander into whatever pillow you want, plug in and go! Its sleek, minimalist design fits neatly into any bedroom and can be packed up and transported anywhere in its stylish felt case.

Smart Nora offer a 30-day full return guarantee, and with SnoreLab you can get $20 off your purchase with the code SLN20. So, to truly switch-off in comfort and silence, consider switching on the truly revolutionary Smart Nora.

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