SnoreLab Success Stories

SnoreLab was created out of desire to help people and we love hearing stories about the app achieving just that. This page is a collection of genuine user stories taken from iTunes user reviews:

“I had a very high snore score and thought I tried everything. I was diagnosed with asthma after allergy tests came back normal. I started asthma treatment and my score is now 0. I watched the SnoreLab graph drop over the last 4 months. I am amazed. My snoring was caused by asthma. I’m now able to sleep longer and feel rested. I also lost 25 pounds. Amazing how awesome I feel after I sleep thru out the night without getting “elbowed” by my spouse and being able to breath.”

“Using this product I identified hay fever as the source of my snoring. Adding a Tempur pillow and a hay fever remedy has had a dramatic effect after one week, more energy, ability to concentrate after getting a good nights sleep. Went from a score of plus fifty to less than 10 in one week. Brilliant!”

“Love this app – I live in a very dry climate – after several scores between 35 and 50 – I bought a humidifier and now my score was 7!”

“This app is a revelation. For the first time I feel in control of my snoring problem. I can monitor scientifically what exacerbates and what alleviates the problem. I feel certain now I can cure the problem and get my wife back to our bed! Thank you SnoreLab.”

“Helped an Epic snorer! Simple to use and has customisable features to personalise your war against the snore. Helps to show your patterns and records them. Quite frightening but useful. Helped me identify remedies and lifestyle patterns that impacted on my ‘snore’ . Now obsessed by the nightly graphs.”

“If you snore, think you snore or are positive that you don’t snore: get this app! For me, it app proved to me that I did snore. The problem was how to fix it. I started with nasal strips and nasal sprays. The app proved that these remedies had no effect, so I decided to buy a snore guard (SnoreRx) and viola … no snoring! How do I know? This app records you all night long, graphs snoring episodes and the intensity and gives you a Snore Score. Before the device, my Snore Scores were between 15 and 45. Since the device, my scores are 1 to 3! I’m also starting to feel refreshed in the morning.”

“This app is brilliant. It proved my theory that I snore when I sleep on my back and I don’t snore when I sleep on my side. What a great idea this app is!!! I have chronic health problems and, without a good night’s sleep, I just can’t function. So it’s very important to know how to get the best, and most restful sleep. I can also share that arthritis and a poor mattress had made sleeping on my side all but impossible for many years and, during that time, I became a walking zombie from snoring and sleep apnea. I NEVER felt rested and could fall asleep ANYWHERE on a dime (and give you 9-cents change). For example: when I stopped the car at traffic lights and stop signs (it’s the God’s-Honest Truth). Then, I got a foam mattress from IKEA and voilá! I sleep comfortably on my side again! And what a dramatic difference it has made in my life! I wake up feeling REFRESHED! A sensation I had forgotten entirely. I wish the same sweet recovery for all of you who wake up every morning feeling like what you really need is … another 8 hours of sleep! Snore less and sleep more – you’re gonna LOVE it!”

“I have used this app for six weeks now. I have adjusted my sinus aids and my snoring has reduced from 210 to 60! I can be a travel companion once again!”

“This is the best sleep recorder I have tried. While it doesn’t do anything directly to cut down on your snoring, it is helpful to know how loud your snoring is. It allows you to test out various ways to cut down on snoring. I’m down 40 plus percent in just two weeks!”

“Great app to monitor the severity of your own snoring and take to doctor to play the audio. Saved me from another sleep study in the lab.”

“I started using Snore Lab on the 23rd of January (a week ago), first on its own and now I use nasal strips at night. My wife has not had to get out of bed and go to another bedroom at all. I was supposed to see a doctor today at a sleep clinic where I went back in November, but I cancelled the appointment as I know what he was going to say “you suffer from sleep apnea” and here’s the solution!! The CPAP mask. Enough already, if I wanted to wear a mask I’d go nuts. Thank you SnoreLab, keep doing your thing!”

“This is a fantastic app. It really gives you a great concept of your snoring pattern and how long you sleep for. In the end I learned I have severe case of sleep apnea.”

“I’ve never really understood why my wife wears earplugs to bed. This app has allowed me to record and track my nightly racket and convince me that a sleep apnea test should be next. Life changing app.”

“Now that I can hear what I sound like, I have been able to act upon my snoring and have reduced it significantly. Truly great app!”