SomniFix Mouth Strips

The comfortable way to prevent snoring caused by open-mouthed sleeping
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Do you snore and wake up with a dry mouth?

SomniFix mouth strips encourage healthy nasal breathing and prevent snoring triggered by your open mouth. They can be ideal for:

  • People who sleep with an open mouth
  • Tongue snorers
  • Those looking to improve the effectiveness of CPAP
  • People who struggle to use mouthpieces

“When I go to sleep, I start mouth breathing and snore like crazy. After the first night using these strips, no dry mouth, no congestion, no waking up my wife!”

“This is an excellent product. It is comfortable and effective. I used to use an uncomfortable chin strap with my CPAP, but no longer, as the tape works even better. I’m so thankful I found this product. I highly recommend it!”

Inhaling through the nose is the healthiest and quietest way to breathe. This simple yet innovative technology yields benefits for your snoring and beyond:

Opens airways – keeping your mouth closed prevents a slack jaw compressing your throat and restricting your breathing.

Comfortable – uses gentle hypoallergenic adhesive that can be easily pulled apart, and a small mesh vent for some mouth breathing if necessary.

Less discomfort and better sleep – reduces arousals due to dry mouth and sore throat, as well as promoting healthier breathing.

Reduces chance of infection and allergies – promotes nasal breathing that helps to trap potentially harmful invaders.

Proper ventilation – reduces hyperventilation for optimum oxygen/carbon dioxide balance and improved blood oxygen saturation.

Improves nitric oxide inhalation – nasal breathing pushes this “mighty molecule” into your lungs to expand your airways and blood vessels.