Somnipax Guard S Mouthpiece

The customisable anti-snoring mouthpiece with flexibility and adjustment 
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Do you snore loudly and feel tired during the day?

Somnipax Guard S can help obstructive snoring where the tongue blocks the airway or the throat closes. We recommend it for:

  • People whose snoring has worsened with age
  • Those with fat on their neck
  • Open or closed mouth snorers
  • Side, back or front sleepers
  • If you snore after drinking alcohol
  • People who have found other mouthpieces bulky and uncomfortable

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SnoreLab users’ reviews of the Somnipax Guard S:

Before using the Somnipax Guard S, my Snore Score was high and I snored for 2 and a half hours per night. Since using it, my score is one and there is only sound for 18 minutes!”

“Having worn this mouthpiece for one week, my wife says that I am snoring much less. I am also not that tired in the morning anymore. We are both thrilled by the Somnipax Guard S, it is a total success.”

Somnipax Guard S is a mandibular advancement device (MAD) that brings your jaw forward to tighten the tissues responsible for snoring. Mandibular advancement is an effective technique, but does take getting used to. We think that the Somnipax Guard S makes it easier:

Separate trays. The top and bottom trays are separate units held together with the advancement bands. This allows for lateral movement, giving greater comfort and making jaw pain less likely.

Unique and precise adjustment. The Somnipax Guard S kit comes with 8 bands to give advancement between 0mm and 12mm to ease yourself into the mandibular advancement technique.

Custom impression. Each tray can be submersed in warm water to soften the material and create a custom indentation of your teeth. More personalised fit gives greater comfort.

Safe, high-quality materials. Made in Switzerland from high-quality medical-grade synthetics.

30-day money-back guarantee.

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