Somnipax Shield Mouth Guard

An easy to wear, comfortable and moldable device to stop snoring caused by mouth breathing
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Do you snore with your mouth open?

Through easy customisation, you can fit Somnipax Shield to your jaw and teeth to prevent noisy mouth breathing. It can be a great solution for:

  • Open-mouthed snorers
  • Snorers who frequently revert to back sleeping
  • Those who struggle with anti-snoring mouthpieces
  • People who can breathe clearly through their nose

We say:

“Open-mouthed breathing is one of the most common causes of snoring. The Somnipax Shield is a simple and effective solution that can give dramatic results. We think this is worth trying if you frequently wake up with a dry mouth but don’t have any nasal blockage.”

Many SnoreLab users snore with an open mouth and have seen impressive results when preventing mouth breathing whilst asleep.

Somnipax Shield is a great way to prevent potentially noisy mouth breathing and instead promote quieter, healthier nasal breathing. Somnipax shield ticks many of our boxes that make it a top snoring remedy:

Effective. The tried and tested mouth guard technique has shown to reduce snoring for many SnoreLab users.

Customisable. Soften the device in warm water and easily fit to the shape of your teeth and jaw for a personalised fit.

Slim design. With a focus on simplicity, this device is easy to use and is made from thin, medical grade material, making it comfortable to wear with no feelings of pressure.

Safe. Somnipax Shield poses no choking hazard, is easy to remove if necessary and is made from safe, medical-grade synthetics.

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