Reduced my snoring

Has helped me to understand what factors and remedies have the biggest impact on snoring and enable me to significantly reduce my snoring by finding the right balance of remedies.

Snore tastic!

This must be one of the best apps out there. Totally brilliant and so simple to use. It’s very odd hearing yourself …and what others hear…but cannot recommend this app enough. A million gold stars!!

Saved my life

This app may have literally saved my life. My wife and daughter told me for years that I made awful noises in my sleep. I downloaded this app. For the first time I could hear what I sounded like in my sleep. Absolutely horrifying. My CPAP machine is on its way. Thank you.

Highly recommend

SnoreLab has helped me track my snoring problem and to realize that it was a weight issue and now I have successfully stopped snoring with some weight loss and constant monitoring from SnoreLab.

Excellent Product - Highly Recommend

I am an ENT Physician who recommends this app. Rarely have I found an app that demonstrates a health issue so well and additionally shows treatment results so simply and efficiently.