User Stories

Read the experiences of real SnoreLab users

User Stories

Read the experiences of SnoreLab users

We like to hear from our users to find out how they use the app and what they have done to combat their snoring. With these user stories, we hope you can pick up some great tips and gain some motivation to address your snoring too.

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Discovering Sleep Apnea with SnoreLab – Anna’s Story

Many people with obstructive sleep apnea remain undiagnosed. People can often have headaches, feel excessively tired and have difficulty staying focussed, but they often don't make the link with snoring. Sleep apnea is simply a condition that many…

Stop Snoring by Treating Allergies – Jenny’s Story

Jenny has slept in a separate room to her husband for the last five years because of her snoring. SnoreLab has given her valuable insights and she has effectively eliminated her snoring in two days!

Zero Added Sugar Diet for Snoring – Richard’s Story

My name is Rich, and I am a Snorer.  It took me a long time to be able to say that but last year I participated in a sleep study that categorically confirmed I am what they call a “heavy snorer.” The doctor said my snoring was most likely the result…

Study for Sleep Apnea – Susan’s Story

For a while I suspected that I only snored intermittently throughout the night. My snoring has generally occurred in the usual “snoring circumstances” such as laying on my back, after drinking alcohol and being extremely tired. My snoring seemed to…

Anti-Snoring Pillow Success – Fiona’s Story

Scared to speak too soon but I think I’ve cured myself in five days flat with this app. I’m fifty years old and in full health. I’d never snored until about two months ago when this snoring like a saw mill came on all of a sudden with no obvious…

Stop Snoring with Side Sleeping – Michael’s Story

I started using SnoreLab in December 2016 because I didn’t believe I snored as badly as my wife suggested. I was wrong. When I started, over the first two months, my average Snore Score was about 50 with my peak scores around the 60 mark. I have…

SnoreLab Success Stories

SnoreLab was created out of desire to help people and we love hearing stories about the app achieving just that. This page is a collection of genuine user stories taken from iTunes user reviews: I had a very high snore score and thought I tried…