UTTU Sandwich Pillow

Realign your head, neck and airways for comfortable, quiet sleep 
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Do you snore and have pain in your neck and shoulders?

Realignment pillows keep your airways straight, obstruction-free and provide comfort for your neck, shoulders and back. They can be ideal for:

  • Back, front and side sleepers
  • Open or closed mouth breathers
  • People who don’t tolerate mouthpieces
  • Those who experience neck or shoulder pain

“This pillow is amazing! Not only is it comfortable and helped my neck pain and headaches (the reason I was looking for a new pillow), but it has reduced the snoring too. Will be buying more for the family!”

“Great pillow. I have sleep apnea so cannot sleep on my back but that has produced pain in my shoulders. With this pillow I’m able to sleep on my side without problems.”

Many SnoreLab users benefit from a good-quality pillow that aligns their airways properly.

Studies into the benefits of “cervical positioning” have shown that having your head and neck correctly aligned can reduce snoring and even improve mild to moderate sleep apnea, as well as giving you a better night’s sleep. The UTTU Sandwich Pillow has some great features:

Adjustable height – the removeable memory foam middle layer permits four different height settings to get optimal comfort for your sleeping position.

Ergonomic design – promotes proper neck, spine and airway alignment to reduce pressure on your neck and shoulders and reduce compression of your airway.

96-night 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you are not satisfied you can return the pillow for a full refund.