ZQuiet Chin-UP Strips

Gently support your chin during sleep to manage open-mouthed snoring
$19.95 for 1-Month Supply

Do you snore and wake up with a dry mouth?

ZQuiet Chin-UP strips encourage healthy nasal breathing and prevent snoring triggered by your open mouth. They can be ideal for:

  • People who sleep with an open mouth
  • Tongue snorers
  • Those looking to improve the effectiveness of CPAP
  • People who struggle to use mouthpieces

“I have been using your Chin-UP Strips every night for over a year now. Recently, I began to complain about my wife’s snoring. I finally convinced her to put on a Chin-UP strip. It stopped her snoring too!”

Inhaling through the nose is the healthiest and quietest way to breathe. This simple yet innovative technology yields benefits for your snoring and beyond:

Opens airways. Keeps your mouth closed to prevent a slackened jaw compressing your throat and restricting your breathing.

Comfortable. Uses medical-grade, hypoallergenic adhesive that can be easily removed.

Improves compliance with other remedies. Securely stabilise mouthpieces and improve the effectiveness of nasal CPAP.

Less discomfort and better sleep. Reduces arousals due to dry mouth and sore throat, as well as promoting healthier breathing.

Reduces chance of infection and allergies. Promotes nasal breathing that helps to trap potentially harmful invaders.

Proper ventilation. Reduces hyperventilation for optimum oxygen/carbon dioxide balance and improved blood oxygen saturation.

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